Bristol history

This is the awesome Albatross bloggers Jamie and Tyrell 

This week we are doing local history week and today we had clues for our week of history here are the clues. A bloodied rock,a diary and a skeleton


Hi guys it’s Tyrell and Jamie the amazing Albatross bloggers.

Today we did sewing we did the running stich and cross stich,here are some examples and we did our names in thread to practice. Get some needles and threads and try at home.


Hi it’s Grace and Lucy the Albatross bloggers.

We want to shout about the girls club !

This awesome club is run by the one and only Miss Hall.Every week we try a new sport such as football,hockey,basketball,badminton and many more. 

Unfortunately, this is only open to years 5 and 6. 

This awesome club is amaze balls !!!​