Hello Year Six

We hope you are enjoying your snow day!

As we have an extra long weekend please could you complete some of the following:

Write a description about the snowy scenery – challenge yourself with ambitious vocabulary.

Take a picture of you reading a book in a cosy place (we can use these for a display!)

Create your own times table song/rap – can you make it snow themed?

Using symmetry, draw an intricate snowflake – did you know that every snowflake is totally unique?

Get creative! Use the snow to make a structure/picture/snowperson – take pictures please!

We would love to hear all about what you have done in the snow so make sure you go outside and have fun!

Bristol history

This is the awesome Albatross bloggers Jamie and Tyrell 

This week we are doing local history week and today we had clues for our week of history here are the clues. A bloodied rock,a diary and a skeleton