Coding at Home

Do you want to learn how to code?

Here are some fantastic websites to visit where you will be able to learn about coding and even make some games!

The Doctor and the Dalek – Save the universe in this coding game based on the TV show Doctor Who. – Create games including a Flappy Bird game or a Frozen game.
(you can create a login, so ask an adult to help you with this).

tynker – A great website where you can play coding games.

codecademy – Learn to code in lots of different computing languages – this is a good website if you want a difficult challenge (you need to create a login, so ask an adult to help you with this).

23 thoughts on “Coding at Home

  1. Today i had fun playing fun coding i was able to get to 100000000000000 and i definitely didn’t cheat ????????? well its coding you can yous your imagination and that’s something i love by the way tony good work on your game

    RYAN OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i have really enjoyed coding and i would definately recomend it to anyone that havent yet played it

  3. Today i went on the coding website above. I learnt how to play TWO Minecraft coding games. it was so much fun.

  4. My high score was 130. I enjoyed playing Tony’s game. Ruby also enjoyed playing Tony’s game and our one we made together.

  5. I had the most amazing time coding, but i had a long time trying to make my own game.It was amazo!

  6. Going to try it again. (⌐■_■)–︻╦╤─ – – I’m going to do it LIKE A BOSS!

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