Homework update!

Homework update!

As SATs are fast approaching, we have allocated several homework activities on activelearnprimary.co.uk
We encourage children to work their way through the activities, each week, now that we have covered them all in class to support their revision. Of course, if they are stuck they can come and discuss this with their teacher.

Children can now complete their revision books that have been sent home with them (prizes for any completed books shown to the teachers.)

Maths homework will continue to be set from the revision books on a weekly basis.

Please feel free to come and talk to the teachers with any questions!

Journal project!

In January, we will be starting our new Geography Topic ‘How Are We Changing Our Planet?’

Your challenge over Christmas and throughout Term 3 and 4, is to create a fictional travel journal/diary.  In this journal you will have to imagine you have visited the country and write about what life is like and what you did there.  Think about the direction that you will be travelling so that you can go all the way around the world!

You could include: photographs of famous monuments; tickets from your travels; recipes of what you have eaten etc.  Be imaginative, be creative and enjoy it!

There will be a prize for the best journal at the end of Term 4!

Comment and tell me a place you’d like to visit in the world!


Good luck travellers!

22 thoughts on “Homework update!

  1. i would like to go to a winter cabin in the north pole /south pole and live in a harsh envoirment to see what the seasons throw at the north pole! also it would be a test to see how long id last. (not long)

  2. I am going to Antarctica for an extreme 4000 meters free diving competition and then a seal dancing[ man and seal] for PROS ONLY. After that, I will be in Washington DC for a great world leader party with the Queen and Barack Obama and lots more. Then I will go to Japan to try out the latest inventions.

    Man, I am one busy person!!


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