Blogging Tips

“With great power comes great responsibility,” says Spidey… and the same thing goes for our Class Blogs. Enjoy yourself, share your learning, but be sure to follow these guidelines when posting:

  •  Make sure that you use full sentences, quality vocabulary, appropriate punctuation and that you show off your best writing!
  • Stay safe and smart. Only use your first name and never post pictures of yourself or others to the blog.
  • Don’t use your email address or IM name in a comment. This is not safe and could put you at risk.
  • When commenting, be kind to other users and only make encouraging remarks.
  • Don’t copy and paste text from other websites, it is not good learning and might even upset those that wrote it in the first place!
  • Lastly, remember everything that you are posting will come to a teacher first to be checked. So do not expect it to appear instantly.

If you follow these rules then you are sure to be safe and to learn lots…

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